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​​​​​​​***NEW FOR 2021***

Updated Service Packaging Policy

Effective January 2021

All vendors requiring payment for service packaging must have approved specifications and pricing prior to the first shipment.  Retro payments will no longer be considered.  The packaging submission and approval process through CDR has remained consistent for over 10 years. 


Darren Bradshaw

Director - Supply Chain

N.A. and Global Parts SCM & Global MVP



Teresa Thiele

Director - Purchasing & Supplier Quality


​​​​​​​***Latest revision level 03/19/2021***
1.Contact Information​ Tab -- C​opy of Packaging Commodity ​​Breakdown​​
2. MPE Tab-- Updated STW March 2021 presentation
3. MPE Tab-- Update Mopar Package Engineering Summary doc
4. Palletization Criteria Tab-- Palletization, 2 new line items


Click on the link below to access the Supplier Training Presentation:​

Packaging Approval Process
**Mopar reserves the right to request invoices for all packaging material.**
CDR Quoting
Please send the required information below to the Mopar Package Engineering mailbox at with a subject of CDR Quoting:
- Part number(s) to quote packaging specification and cost
- Supplier code
- Email addresses of required contacts
-Contract number (with contract date)
You will then receive a generated email indicating you have work.  Follow the link on the email, and complete your profile.  Once that is done, you'll be directed to the "Service Search" where it will list your part number(s).  Fill out the online form(s) and submit for approval.  Another generated email will be sent indicating the approval/disapproval of the proposed pack.
Submissions are addressed in the order they are received.  All BOR/VOR shipments take priority, so please be sure to indicate if this applies to you.
If you have any specific questions please contact your Package Engineer.
**Please forward information on to any responsible parties**
All packaging shipped into Mopar locations must be submitted for review and approved prior to first shipment to any of our service locations.
Not complying to this standard will result in a Non-Conformance Ticket (NCT) affecting your supplier rating and resulting in charges for rework.

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This website was designed to inform suppliers of the general guidelines required by Mopar Package Engineering to reach our goals of optimum part/package quality and over customer satisfaction.  With your support and cooperation, we can continually make packaging/quality improvements while decreasing packaging and processing costs.  The documentation on this website will provide you with general guidelines and examples of packaging requirements.  All applicable standards must be followed.  Deviations must be requested and given formal written approval by the Mopar Package Engineering Department prior to the first shipment.  All non-compliant parts will be issued a non-conformance ticket and/or returned at the discretion of Mopar Parts personnel.  This website only contains general guidelines.  Mopar Package Engineering reserves the right to require additional compliance depending on the specific characteristics of the part or commodity in question.  Compliance to State, Local, and Federal Regulations are the responsibility of the supplier.  All packaging related questions and concerns should be directed to the appropriate Package Engineer.  Reference the CONTACT INFORMATION tab to the left for names, phone numbers, emails of your assigned Package Engineer.
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