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MPE > Prime Source
Prime Source
As a supplier to Mopar, you may have the option to package service parts. Your organization may consider the following options when quoting prime source packaging.
  1. Packaging parts in-house 
  2. Contracting a packager 
  3. Providing an alternative package solution to the existing Mopar packaging specifications.
Initiatives For Prime Source Packaging:
  1. Potential Packaging Cost Savings
  2. Reduction in lead time/pipeline time
  3. Increase in facing fills and decrease in Back Order Releases (BOR) which includes premium transportation
  4. Reduction in damaged parts due to excessive handling
  5. Eliminate double packaging (bulk then unitized)
  6. Increase supplier interaction with the development of the optimum package.
Contact your Mopar Parts Service Purchasing buyer for further details regarding prime source packaging. You will be assigned a Package Engineer to work with and submit samples for approval. All packages must be approved by a Package Engineer prior to the first shipment.
General Requirements
  • I-20 Labeling Standard
  • Mopar Packaging Specification Submission
  • P.O. Clause "90" Palletization Criteria
Specialty Parts

Specialty parts include Accessories, Chemicals, Marketing, Performance, and Remanufactured parts. When dealing with specialty parts it is crucial to work with the Mopar Package Engineering Department. These specific parts are assigned to individual engineers who can aid in the process of package design, development, and approval. As with any prime source packaging, approval must be received from Package Engineering prior to the shipment of any parts. Specialty parts are subject to additional requirements. Marketing parts, accessories, and chemicals may require Mopar specific graphics and verbiage. Performance parts require special labeling.