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MPE > Palletization Criteria
Palletization Criteria
**All Pallet Shipments to MOPAR facilities MUST be on FLUSH pallets. NO Winged pallets are allowed and will be subject to a non conformance.**

Pallet Specifications

  • Only three dimensional containers (cartons) may be shipped on a pallet without a shipping container.  All non-three dimensional containers (such as poly bags which are not in a secondary container) must be placed in a shipping container.
  • All pallets must be:
    • Heat Treated
    • 4-Way entry, notched stringer type pallets. Must ensure orientation of stringers to correspond to the material specification
    • Flush (non-winged)
    • Bottom Deck Board
    • In GOOD condition
  • All suppliers must follow the ISPM 15 standard when shipping into the United States. 
  • A standard shipping container should be designed to fit on the appropriate pallet below. 
  • All pallets must be 4 way entry, notched stringer type pallets.  You must ensure orientation of stringers to correspond to the material specification. 
  • When shipping a load with more than one part number, parts must be clearly separated by layers or divided into sections. 
  • The load must be labeled/placarded a "MIXED LOAD" on at least two adjacent corners. 
  • No more than 7 part numbers per pallet.
  • Refer to PO Clause 90 for standard load size and height requirements.
  • Refer to Pallet/Shipping containers section below for standard Mopar shipping containers and pallet Material Specifications. 
  • Mopar Package Engineering reserves the right to require additional conformance criteria depending on the nature of the parts being packed and shipped.
  • Failure to comply with these standards will result in the issuance of a potential Non-Conformance.
PO Clause 90 rev 8

Choose the smallest size pallet appropriate for the parts being shipped.
42" x 48" pallet for parts less then 48" long.
48" x 42" pallet for parts less then 48" long.
42" x 60" pallet (KC00253) for parts less than or equal to 60" long.
42" x 72" pallet (KC00250) for parts less than or equal to 72" long.
42" x 84" pallet (KC00251) for parts less than or equal to 84" long.

Shipping Containers
42" x 48" x 33" (KC009193 Double Wall or KC009317 Triple Wall)
42" x 84" x 33" (KC009321 Double Wall or KC009322 Triple Wall)
*Vendor logos or graphics are not acceptable under any condition. 
*Mopar approved graphics are preferred but not required on the shipping container.

Base Pallets
Parts shipping to the Mopar Division weighing 100 pounds or more must be palletized individually on "mini" base pallets. 
The runner height on the base pallets must be between 3-4 inches to allow for handling at the Mopar facilities. 
Parts that are affected include: Engines, Transmissions, Cylinder blocks, Short & Long Blocks, Chassis frames, Cylinder heads and some Axles. 

Pallet Load
  • Loads should not be shipped with any overhang.
  • All loads must be banded or stretch wrapped to pallet.
  • All undersized loads should be centered on the pallet and secured with banding.
  • If stacking pallet loads, corner posts and angle boards are recommended.
  • If banding is used, angle boards are recommended underneath the bands.
  • Score sheets may be used when banding or stretch wrapping bundles to stabilize the load.
  • When stacking a full pallet, column or interlocking stacking patterns are preferred.
  • Metal banding can not be used unless prior approval is obtained from the Mopar Package Engineering Department.
  • Engines, Transmissions, Axles, and bare metals are excluded from the metal banding restrictions. 
  • Packaging submissions to CDR must be submitted with the full pallet load quantity.
  • Do not use a pallet if release quantity can be shipped UPS (see below).  Direct all questions to your packaging engineer. 
Small box with pallet 

48 x 42 Green Pallet.pdf 48 x 42 Green Pallet.pdf