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MPE > Non-Conformance
Non-Conformance Policy
  • Just-in-time production operations and Mopar's goal to be the best does not allow for defective parts due to poor packaging or shipping methods. 
  • Failure to comply with Mopar's standards will result in the issuance of a Potential Non-Conformance Ticket, on the quality non-conformance system. 
Why did I get get a Non-Conformance Ticket?

Missing Dimensions
DIMS Procedure
  • Failure to submit part unpacked dimensions and weight, and packaged dimesions and weight prior to shipping parts will result in a non-conformance.   
  •  Missing Mopar and/or shipping or master labels
  • Incorrect information on label
  • Mis-labeled parts (wrong part number on label)
PO Clause 90 rev 7
  • Wrong style/size pallet
Unpacked/Should be packed, or Damaged Stock
  • Stock arrives at depot unpackaged and should be unit packaged by supplier.
  • Insufficient packaging


  • Use of graphics not approved by Mopar (see Graphics tab)


  • Not in regulation with the I-20 Labeling Standard (see Labeling Tab)

Proper Use of Company Name

  • Mopar labeled and branded products must reflect the offical company                  name:  FCA US LLC
  • Print containing Daimler Chrysler or Chrysler LLC are not compliant and will result in an NCT. 

NCT example.png

How do I resolve my Non-Conformance Ticket?

  • Once a non-conformance is identified, a Potential Non-Conformance Ticket will be generated by the receiveing Mopar facility.
  • The system should be checked daily by each supplier. If a Packaging related ticket is issued against your supplier code, you should contact the appropriate Mopar Package Engineer. Reference Contact Information Or, a Mopar representative will contact suppliers to make them aware of the non-conformance ticket.
  • Upon being contacted, or contacting Package Engineering, suppliers are required to respond to a non-conformance in a timely manor.  It is imperative that every effort is made to correct the problem.
  • A lack of response will be construed as authorization for rework or return of stock at the suppliers expense.
  • The supplier's quality history and responsiveness will determine the magnitude of the non-conformance issued against the supplier.
  • A 7-step corrective action plan may be requested for review/approval.