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All unit packaged material and items shipping to a Mopar depot must be labeled with a L-Series Mopar label.
All unit/master pack labels must be purchased through Mopar's single source label supplier, RR Donnelley. 
Not complying to this standard will result in a Non-Conformance Ticket (NCT) affecting your supplier rating and resulting in charges for re-labeling.
Please direct all inquiries to

New Label Format
Only Mopar approved labels may be used on items which are going to be packaged by the vendor. One label is required per unit container or items shipping to a Mopar depot. Fascias, bumpers, and other oversized commodities (length equal to/greater than 42 inches) require one unit label on each end of the container. Please contact your packaging engineer for any questions.

I-20 31.pdf

Prop Label.jpg 

Prop 65 Label Downloadable.pdf


The I-20 Standard is the format for identifying individual parts and masterpack containers to be packaged for FCA US Group LLC, Mopar Parts. Only FCA approved artwork is acceptable on the individual primary containers, secondary containers, and shipping containers
All master and bulk packs must be properly labeled (including the FCA part number) to reflect the contents of the container. 
Effective 4th Quarter 2015: Any new model part released that does not require unit packaging is required to have a L-series label.

Remanufactured Part Labeling

For the labeling of both Powertrain and Non-Powertrain remanufactured parts and ReLabeled (RL) Mopar powertrain parts please reference Process Standard 12658.
Product Specific Labeling
  • Fragile Label-Is required when stated on the Packaging specification or when shipping a part which may required special handling (i.e. mirrors, lamps, glass, etc..). 
  • Hazmat-All necessary hazardous labels and markings must be placed on containers that are regulated by the Code of Federal Regulations, OSHA, and/or DOT.  It is the supplier's responsibility to correctly identify and label the product.  Some hazardous products require a "UN" approved package
  • Heavy Load - Loads which are of an extreme weight and should not be tiered must contain a "Heavy Load" and/or "Do Not Double Stack" placard. 
  • Heavy Part - Any part weighing over 30lbs require a "Heavy Part" label.
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If the master pack has a deviation to ship with a weight exceeding 30lbs, the supplier MUST use a "Heavy Part" label to identify the load
  • Orientation Arrows-Liquid or other parts which require specific orientation must be marked with arrows. 
Shipment Identification
In accordance with the new logistics and supply chain initiatives, Mopar is now enforcing the FCA US LLC Labeling Requirements for all supplier shipments.
These requirements are in addition to the standarard I-20 Mopar Labeling requirements, and ONLY PERTAIN TO THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE OVERALL LOAD. 
Mopar is now requiring all suppliers to utilize the following standard production labels as appropriate for shipments:
  • Master Label
  • AIAG Label
  • Mixed Load Label
  • Destination Label
These are all standard labels for the Automotive Industry and must be on adjacent sides of each shipping load.
Only 2 labels of each type are required per shipping load. 
Trading Partner Labels Implementation Guide: B-10
All questions pertaining specifically to the use and placement of these shipping labels should be directed to the appropriate RILC or the Mopar Help Line 1-888-303-0033.