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MPE > Headliner Packaging
Headliner Packaging Guidelines-Bulk/Unitized

Bulk Requirements
  • One part number per pallet.
  • Each headliner must be individually identified with complete Mopar service part number on the underside of the part.
  • The part number may be stenciled or labeled on the part.
  • Pallets must be identified with Mopar L-24 label (including part number and quantity).
  • Pallet must be the size of the container, no over hang.
  • Appropriate dunnage: foam, bubble, poly bag, etc.. must be used to protect parts from compression damage and distribution factors.
  • Material should be tested to ensure that it does not damage the part from scuffing and/or rubbing. 
  • The supplier is responsible for testing the pallet quantities and coordinating sample shipments with Jennifer Brusso Quality Supervisor, Milwaukee. (414) 747-2299 Location Code: 03129. 
  • Supplier must submit Packaging Specification Submission Form and Cost Analysis Worksheet for approval, prior to first shipment. 

Unitized Requirements
  • Certain headliner assemblies require individual unit packaging.
  • Those parts greater then 15 pounds should be reviewed with Package Engineering to determine whether unit packaging is required. 
  • If unit packaging is required, the supplier must follow the same approval process and guidelines as bulk packaged requirements.

Common Headliner Issues
  • Creases caused from compression and bending.
  • Damage caused from foam dunnage rubbing on headliner.
  • Damage caused by underside headliner components rubbing on an causing indents on other headliners in bulk containers.