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MPE > Fascia Packaging
Fascias: Bulk/Unitized Shipping Requirements:
**Last modification 08.19.16**
Fascias have always been high damage parts for Mopar.  Every year we experience an extremely high return rate from our customers due to concealed and visual damage, which equates to a very high dollar value for fascia returns.  We have been actively working on ways to reduce this damage, and have made a number of packaging changes for both fascias packaged in individual boxes, and those in scrim wrap. 
Attached is the link to the entire Fascia Packaging Standard, please review in its entirety:
Many of these requirements may be familiar to you already; however, a handful will be new.  The key is that all requirements are now documented.  This specification was developed with the help of Marysville NPDC based on their experience handling these types of parts.  This information should be filtered to all appropriate people throughout your organization, and we recommend that the document be added to all Standard Operating Procedures within your plant.  These requirements are effective immediately.  Failure to comply will result in the issuance of a Non-Conformance.  Please contact Your Mopar Package Engineer or Marysville Quality Control with any questions.